Blog / 04.03.2016

There are a lot of opinions out here on the interweb regarding some of the best methods for choosing a gun for home defense... and this post will be no different in the sense of opinions. HOWEVER: This post is meant to give you my perspective on why certain weapons systems may be preferable to others. I am not saying one is better or worse than others but we need to consider a few items...
Blog / 26.02.2016

Last week we ran a joint course with King 33 Training in Southington CT called Responsible Home Defense. The foundation of this course was based in two elements:
  • Knowing Where, When, Why deadly force may be used
  • Building Practical Skills to Increase Survivability
The students were provided with a slide deck covering the laws and regulations surrounding use of force in the home and while the topics centered on home defense considerations, we did get off on a few very productive tangents
Blog / 19.02.2016

No one wants to get stabbed. And you certainly want to bring at least a handgun to a knife fight. We are SO not cool with that. But there is a little bit more to it... Denis had the exquisitely brilliant idea of adding a Simunition based component to all Defensive Handgun II courses from now on as we noticed that while the range exercises did teach the requisite skills to survive, the X ring on the "why" was being missed. Also we felt that
Blog / 22.01.2016


One of the skills that we teach in our Defensive Handgun I courses is the Magazine Change with Retention. We, and the firearms training industry in general, used to refer to this as a "tactical reload"... But we asked ourselves: "What is so damn tactical about it?"