Blog / 07.04.2016

We all love a good shootout in a movie or TV show but how many times have you ruined it for your spouse when you start telling them what was wrong with the scene and how that would never happen in real life? I’m just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to that because I can’t help myself. So let’s look at this clip and point out the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the beginning of the scene our good guys are in a room with three other bad guys and what appears to be a Shriners patient sitting in a chair unresponsive.  The fun starts when the burnt guys startles awake and our main character decides to draw and fire.  The first thing I noticed
Blog / 30.03.2016

I happened across this clip from the movie Sicario this morning in between calls and though I watched the movie a few months ago and had seen this particular snippet before, it struck me as a good training point. Here's the clip: Training Point #1: Situational Awareness Maintaining...

Blog / 04.03.2016

There are a lot of opinions out here on the interweb regarding some of the best methods for choosing a gun for home defense... and this post will be no different in the sense of opinions. HOWEVER: This post is meant to give you my perspective on why certain weapons systems may be preferable to others. I am not saying one is better or worse than others but we need to consider a few items...
Blog / 26.02.2016

Last week we ran a joint course with King 33 Training in Southington CT called Responsible Home Defense. The foundation of this course was based in two elements:
  • Knowing Where, When, Why deadly force may be used
  • Building Practical Skills to Increase Survivability
The students were provided with a slide deck covering the laws and regulations surrounding use of force in the home and while the topics centered on home defense considerations, we did get off on a few very productive tangents
Blog / 19.02.2016

No one wants to get stabbed. And you certainly want to bring at least a handgun to a knife fight. We are SO not cool with that. But there is a little bit more to it... Denis had the exquisitely brilliant idea of adding a Simunition based component to all Defensive Handgun II courses from now on as we noticed that while the range exercises did teach the requisite skills to survive, the X ring on the "why" was being missed. Also we felt that
Blog / 22.01.2016


One of the skills that we teach in our Defensive Handgun I courses is the Magazine Change with Retention. We, and the firearms training industry in general, used to refer to this as a "tactical reload"... But we asked ourselves: "What is so damn tactical about it?"