Pistol Skill Builder Package

$ 620.00


1 Course Seat –

  • Pistol Skill Builder I
  • Pistol Skill Builder II
  • Pistol Skill Builder III
  • Pistol Skill Builder IV

You will receive a code to register for your classes once you complete checkout. You may take any combination of the four classes you’d like, i.e. Level 1 twice and Level 2 twice. Whatever best meets your needs!

If you’d rather buy once, cry once, this package is for you. This includes four tickets that can be used in any combination of our four Pistol Skill Builder leveled courses. For example, take two Level 1 and two Level 2, or one Level 1, one Level 3, and two Level 4. The combinations are endless!

Level 1: The Foundation teaches the basics of handgun marksmanship and manipulation.

Level 2: Get Moving teaches movement skills, multiple targets, and advanced malfunction manipulations along with inducing some critical thinking and accuracy under stress.

Level 3: Get Off Your Feet teaches alternate shooting positions and how to utilize cover and concealment.

Level 4: Close Quarters teaches close encounter skills, one-handed manipulations, and introduces real-work context into training.


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