Police departments are expecting more and more of their uniformed patrol officers every day. With the threat of terrorism, active shooters, gang members, and domestic violence our officers are often forced to rely on whatever past training they have received.


It is our mission to provide realistic training to our brother and sister officers in order to increase officer survival, reduce risk to innocents, and vastly improve the overall skill set of the average patrol officer.


We take the patrol officer and build them in to a heads up team player capable of making tactically sound decisions while operating at a higher level of technical proficiency.

Drawing on our collective decades spanning military and law enforcement experience we focus heavily on flawless execution of fundamental skills while stress is gradually applied.

The end result is a capable, confident, and increasingly competent officer. All tactical dynamics students are held to a high standard of accuracy that surpasses commonly accepted standards.

contract and custom training for agencies

Our Custom Training Program allows agencies to build a customized training package that meets the needs, goals, and budget for each training calendar year. The intense hands-on and in-depth training prepares officers for every encounter, large or small, producing a well-rounded, better trained, better prepared officer, through advanced training applications.




  • Advanced Patrol Tactics

  • Patrol Tactics Basic/Advanced

  • Handgun Rifle Shotgun Sustainment Training

  • Ballistic Shield Operator

  • TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

  • Downed Officer Rescue

  • Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics

  • Low Light Operations

  • Scenario-based Training

  • Active Shooter / Terrorism Response

  • School Violence Response

  • Use of Force

  • Counter Ambush




  • Team Selection/Assessment Initial Team Development & Recommendations

  • Team SOP/TTP Development

  • Basic/Advanced Handgun Rifle Shotgun

  • Ballistic Shield Certification

  • Distraction Device Certification

  • Breaching Certification

  • Chemical Munitions Certification

  • M-4/Sub-gun(auto) Certification

  • TCCC

  • Sniper/Observer

  • Low Light Operations

  • K-9 Integration Training

  • Basic SWAT Officers Course (60 Hours)

  • Video AAR and Assessment

  • Scenario-based Training (Force-on-Target / Force-on-Force)

  • Active Shooter

  • Terrorism Response

  • School Violence Response

  • Use of Force

  • Counter Ambush Tactics

  • React to Sniper

  • High Risk Warrant Service

  • Responding to the Barricaded Subject

  • Open Area Search

  • Hostage Rescue

agency contact form

Contact our Law Enforcement Training Director Jon O’Brien at 855-276-5730 x105 or complete the form to the right to reach Jon via e-mail regarding agency contract training opportunities.

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