Should I Wear Headphones While at a Shooting Range?

Wearing Headphones While at a Shooting Range

Should I Wear Headphones While at a Shooting Range?

It is best to protect your hearing from the loud bang during target practice at a shooting range or an open field. Wearing headphones and other ear protection tools is part of basic gun safety precautions. This is similar to learning to lock and unlock the trigger so you don’t mistakenly harm yourself and others around you.

Continue reading to satisfy your curiosity about why wearing headphones is necessary at a shooting range and the consequences of not wearing one.

Why Should I Wear Headphones While at a Shooting Range?

It is widespread knowledge that sounds are measured in decibels (dB), which makes it an accepted terminology worldwide. For humans, the standard sound should range between 0 dB to 100 dB. Most people will even argue that 100 dB is a bit too much, even though it can’t cause any fatal damage to your ears. 

On the other hand, anything above 100 dB is a no-no because it can cause hearing impairments. The worst-case scenario is listening to sounds with over 140 dB because it can permanently damage the ears.

Since a typical gunshot produces a noise of more than 150 dB, it is possible to become deaf from being in the range of the sound. Hence, the fact that most firearms exceed the safe hearing levels recommended is something you should always consider when visiting a shooting range. For this reason, it’s essential to use shooting hearing protection whenever you are firing a gun or within the scope of this action.

Consequences of Not Wearing Headphones at a Shooting Range

Failure to protect your ears leads to severe cases and symptoms you don’t want to battle. The first thing that happens is you put yourself at a high risk of being profoundly deaf. Another consequence of ignoring headphones when shooting a gun is tinnitus. Other symptoms accompanying this include; discomfort, irritation, disorientation, and dizziness, to mention a few.

So, it is paramount to prioritize safety first to prevent falling victim to the assault caused by the noise and recoils of gunshots to the ears. Don’t procrastinate purchasing one, as even the first time at a shooting range without the proper protective measures can cause lasting damage.


Regardless of the activity, be it hunting, hitting cans, or target practice, always remember to protect your ears. You can wear noise-cancellation headphones or other protective measures like earmuffs, earphones, or earplugs.

For more information about the best ear protection item to purchase or how to best prepare for the shooting range, contact us at Tactical Dynamics. We are well-versed in the best preventive measures that are perfectly suitable to help protect your ears near gunshots. Give us a call at 855-276-5730 or email us at for more info on noise-cancellation ear devices.

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