Pros and Cons Between Different Guns


Pros and Cons Between Different Guns

There are many different guns that can be utilized for many different reasons. Whether it’s a long gun, or a handgun, the types within these characterizations are endless. Since the License to Carry in the state of Massachusetts permits the purchase, possession, transportation, and carrying of all large guns as well as handguns, rifles, shotguns, these will be the main focus of pros and cons. Continue reading to discover the pros and cons between these different guns. 


This is a long gun which is designed to be held with both hands as well as rested on the shoulder for support. They also have a rifled barrel, which makes a bullet spin as it’s been released to keep it straight and accurate. The pros of this gun are that it can hit targets in long distances, and with accuracy, as well as being a larger, more intimidating gun. A con of this gun is that it may be difficult to store, and that it may be heavy in weight. 


Similar to a rifle, a shotgun is designed to be held with both hands as well as rested on the shoulder for support. Instead of a rifled barrel, shotguns have a smooth one. Shotguns are also designed to fire multiple projectiles at once with a single press of the trigger, although not as quickly or accurately as a machine gun would fire. The main difference between this and a rifle is the barrel as well as the bullets projected. The pros and cons are similar to the rifle, making this simply based on preference.


This is a type of handgun which has its chamber integrated with its barrel. This allows for it to be as small as it is, meaning it can be used with one hand if desired. Although there is always better accuracy when holding a gun with two hands, the design of this gun allows for single-hand usage. A pro of this gun may be it’s small size, making it easy to store. A con could be that it may have less accuracy compared to a long gun. 


Similar to a pistol, this is a handgun. The main difference is that the chamber is not permanently integrated with the barrel, like it is with a pistol. Cartridges can be stored in chambers that are bored into a cylinder, which basically just allows for alignment to be rotated exactly into place. The pros and cons of the revolver is similar to the pistol, aside from the additional pro that it has better rotating accuracy when aligning the bullets in the chamber. 

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