Handgun Maintenance Best Practices

Gun Maintenance

Handgun Maintenance Best Practices

If you are a responsible handgun owner, safety should be a primary concern. And an often-overlooked aspect of gun safety is taking care of your firearm from a maintenance standpoint. Properly cleaning, storing, and understanding how the gun works will help improve its functionality and will keep you and loved ones safe. Here at Tactical Dynamics, we wanted to write a quick blog on Handgun Maintenance Best Practices.

Gun Storage

Of course, your handgun, when not being used or holstered, should be stored in a locked gun safe. Gun safes, as opposed to just regular safes, are humidity control. Humidity can damage your gun. And as you will continue to learn in this blog, a damaged gun is an unsafe gun. From rust to other pieces corroding, an improperly stored gun can result in injury upon first use.

Cleaning after use 

Cleaning your gun is vital to prolonging its use and functionality. Regardless of your ammunition, some are dirty than others, you will still want to give your handgun a cleaning after each use. Each time a shot is fired, iron-based metal debris begins to build up in the barrel and within other inner working areas of your gun. This debris gets everywhere and will impact the performance of your gun. Stayed tuned for a more in-depth blog post on gun cleaning and the act of field striping your weapon for a true cleaning!

Truly Understanding how your gun works

‘Point & Shoot’ is not a sufficient amount of knowledge on how to shoot a gun. When you understand the inner workings of your gun from the firing pin and leaf spring to chamber and barrel, you will be safer, and your gun will last longer. If you have an in-depth understanding of your weapon and one of its pieces is worn or beginning to fail, you will be able to tell with each shot. Again, not only will this help protect the other pieces of your gun and extending its life, this best practice keeps you and those you are shooting with safer.

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Denis Donovan
  • lara craft
    Posted at 13:58h, 27 December Reply

    Now a day too many accidents are occurring with firearms. Even the children are using their parent’s firearms to act out anger toward schoolmates. In this situation should not tolerate this situation. All most the better solution is to keep the weapons out of reach of anyone except the owner. So take the security from the to use the best gun safe.

  • lara craft
    Posted at 13:59h, 27 December Reply

    Presently a day an excessive number of mishaps are happening with guns. Indeed, even the kids are utilizing their parent’s guns to carry on outrage toward classmates. In this circumstance ought not endure this circumstance. All most the better arrangement is to keep the weapons far from anybody with the exception of the proprietor. So take the security from the to utilize the best firearm safe.

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