3 Tricks To Keeping Your Gun Clean

cleaning a gun

3 Tricks To Keeping Your Gun Clean

Cleaning a gun should always be done properly, making sure to unload your gun completely before beginning the process. Prior to doing a deep clean, there are some simple ways to ensure that your gun stays clean. Continue reading to discover 3 tricks to keeping your gun clean.

1. Wipes for the Outside of the Gun

Prior to shooting your firearm, performing a quick and easy wipe of the outside of the gun can protect it thoroughly. Using a treated gun cloth that has a corrosion inhibitor can protect your firearm with ease. If you do not have a gun cloth, there are disposable wipes that are pre-moistened available for purchase. These are lubricated to help prevent rust and grime to the outside of your firearm. If you’re lucky enough, the wipes may even seep through the small gaps between the metal for interior protection.

2. Solvent for the Bore and Chamber

Cleaning the bore and chamber may be something people often skip, as they get so invested in cleaning the exterior of the gun. To ensure that both sections of the gun are clean, you can apply a bore solvent to either a bronze or nylon brush and scrub out your bore, allowing for the chemicals in the solvent to clean the gun completely. Follow the scrub down, utilizing a Squeeg-E can remove the solvent and left over debris. This process can be repeated until all excess grime is gone. Once cleaned, these sections can be dried with a patch or two. Following, a lightly oiled patch may be useful to coat the barrel and prevent corrosion. Wiping this oil out with a dry patch, prior to shooting, is important to remember.

3. A Gun-Care Kit

Gun-care kits can often be found and purchased at sporting goods stores. Kits like these can become extremely useful for touch ups and quick cleanings. Typically, these kits contain all components and chemicals you need as well as multiple bore brushes, cable lengths, chemical bore solvents, lubricants, cleaning mats, and take-down tools. If there is something you should purchase prior to cleaning your gun, this kit should be at the top of your list.

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