Range Etiquette: Safety Tips and Rules to Follow at the Shooting Range

Man lining up to fire gun at shooting range

Range Etiquette: Safety Tips and Rules to Follow at the Shooting Range

The good news is that accidental shootings at gun ranges are extremely uncommon, but it’s always advisable to use caution when near weapons! These guidelines for proper gun range behavior will keep you and those around you safe while also ensuring that you enjoy your time on the range.

Read & Follow The Posted Rules At The Gun Range

Review and familiarize yourself with the range’s rules in advance by looking at their website or taking the time to call the range and discuss with an employee. It’s safe to assume that every gun range has at least a few guiding principles for responsible gun use, such as the prohibition against aiming a firearm at another person. But, they could also impose fines on shooters who hurt the range’s facilities or other property. Have a look at their list, preferably before visiting, and let their rules sink in so that you can stay safe and have a good time!

Always Handle Your Firearm As If It’s Loaded, Even If It Isn’t 

This is rule number one when it comes to firearms! Always assume the gun is loaded, even if it’s not! This simple mindset could save you or someone you know from a firearm accident. There are too many examples of individuals not being aware that a gun is loaded and carelessly playing around with it. This is beyond dangerous and can lead to an accidental discharge of the firearm. This rule will be reinforced on the ranges list of rules and by the range instructor. 

Follow The Directions & Commands Of Gun Range Staff

The gun range will have staff on duty to make sure everyone is following the rules and regulations. Treat all range safety officials with respect since they have power over everyone else using the range. If they issue commands at the shooting range, such as “Cease-fire,” please listen to them since they are ensuring the safety of everyone there. Although gun range staff may occasionally come across as aggressive, they are solely there to instruct you on your firearm, how the range operates, and to keep everyone safe & having a good time!

Never Touch Someone Else’s Firearm

Although you may be tempted to pick up a firearm that you’ve never seen before or have been dreaming to hold, unless it is yours you should never do so. Besides the fact that touching other people’s stuff is clearly frowned upon when it comes to firearms, you never really know what condition they are in, if they’re loaded, if they’ve been maintained, or if they are safe. When picking up an unknown firearm you are taking many risks that could jeopardize you and everyone around you!

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