Modified Navy Qual (Modified) on 300 Blackout

Modified Navy Qual (Modified) on 300 Blackout

During a lunch break at one of our recent Defensive Handgun I courses I had the opportunity to test out my latest upper receiver build for function. This upper is chambered in 300 AAC Blackout and is fitted with a 16″ CMMG barrel, an Aero Precision upper receiver, AAC Brakeout for 300 Blackout, and a Midwest Industries free float rail. I chose the Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot for this upper and have since added their 3x flip to side magnifier. I was using some Black Munitions 110gr re-manufactured 300 Blackout ammo for this test and a Gen 2 PMAG. For the test I fired 100 rounds, and conducted a Modified Navy Qual (Modified) drill for a little added fun.

Overall Function: 

The upper functioned 100% flawlessly. All rounds ejected to my 4 o’clock position and deflected off of the brass deflector without issue. Zero failure to feed or failure to extract. Zeroing was a breeze and the Primary Arms Micro Dot has a nice crisp, clear dot that made zeroing extremely easy within two groups. I set the optic to a 50 yard zero and I was capable of shooting a 1 MOA group at 50 yards.

Modified Navy Qual (Modified): 

I had only brought one magazine with me so in order to conduct a Modified Navy Qual I was reduced to 15 rounds in a magazine without any magazine changes. Still the best 15 rounds you will ever shoot and I use this drill as a benchmark standard for basic competence with the weapon system. Video included below.



Robert Curran

Rob is co-owner of Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training and is a USMC veteran and active Law Enforcement Officer. Rob is a Sig Sauer Master Rated Firearms Instructor and holds several other ratings from various institutions.

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