Improve Accuracy with These Fire Range Tips

Fire range Tips

Improve Accuracy with These Fire Range Tips

Improving your accuracy at the gun range requires effort and time. Like any skill set, if you are not practicing with the correct form and safety, you end up reinforcing poor habits that will take time and effort to be correct this down the road.

At Tactical Dynamics, we provide expert firearm shooting tips to improve shooting accuracy and overall gun ownership safety. Please continue reading to learn more and see some of our top tips that dramatically improve shooter accuracy.

Shooting Stance

While there is a proper “form’ in terms of the recommended stance, we are in the camp of having shooters shoot however they feel most comfortable. As a general best practice, your feet should be roughly shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knees. Many people prefer to have a leading foot with their stance, but this is purely preference.

The most important thing to note regarding a stance while shooting is to ensure you are comfortable and in control of your firearm.

 Grip on the Firearm

Your grip should be relaxed while at the same time, firm. Over-gripping the gun can result in an inaccurate shooting as the gun can be moved as the trigger is pulled. Under-gripping the gun can have a similar result.

Trigger Pulling Tips

Pulling the trigger is naturally a critical aspect of accurate shooting. Prior to starting target practice, dry fire the weapon a few times to understand the pressure required to fire the gun.

In the act of shooting, be sure you are relaxed, and your breathing is under control. Most firearms beginners tend to hold their breath prior to pulling the trigger. This is unnatural and can cause the shooter to over-grip or even close their eyes before pulling the trigger. To improve your breathing, concentrate on taking aim, and continuing a normal breath. When you are lined up and ready to shoot, exhale slowly as you pull the trigger straight back.

Increased Time at the Range

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog, the time spent at the firing range is imperative for improving accuracy. Put the small adjustments highlighted earlier in this blog into practice and see your accuracy improve at the range!

Tactical Dynamics: The Areas Leading Firearms Training Experts

Tactical Dynamics is based in Foxborough, MA, and is the states leading firearms training experts offering a wide variety of classes. If you are looking to improve your accuracy, review the classes we have available. Are you looking to obtain your MA license to carry or FID? Our Firearms Safety Course satisfies MA’s requirement of a safety course before applying for your ID.

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