Tips from a Cop: How to Get Your Massachusetts License to Carry


Leave it to our Commonwealth to make the Massachusetts License to Carry process a complicated and confusing mess. The vast majority of the rest of the free world United States has far less restrictive laws and processes in place to ensure the protection of their citizens’ constitutional rights but it is what it is when it comes to Massachusetts.


My intent here is to explain to you the Massachusetts License to Carry process in simple, easy to understand, devoid of bovine excrement terms that will help you along the path of becoming a gun owner in Massachusetts.

The beauty of this post is you are getting information directly from me… a full time police officer. My partners and I have been in the gun safety course game for over six years now and being active law enforcement, we understand the ins and outs of Massachusetts Gun Laws like the backs of our hands.

So… without further ado… here is my breakdown on how to get your license to carry in Massachusetts:


The down and dirty version of how to get your license to carry is as follows:

  • Decide that you want to exercise your second amendment rights for (insert personal reason here)
  • Select a Basic Firearms Safety Course from the instructor of your choice
  • Attend class, receive certificate
  • Apply at your local police department
  • Stand by to stand by for your background to clear
  • Receive your permit
  • Proceed to get your ‘Merica on


There are over twenty different options to choose from when considering your Basic Firearms Safety Course… some of which will help you get your license to carry, and others will only allow you to apply for your firearms identification card. Depending on where you live, you also may be required by your town or city to attend a live fire training session before they will approve your application

As of now those towns are: Lowell, Weymouth, Quincy (Know of any others? Let us know in the comments.

Gun Safety Courses

Student enjoys live fire at our Foxboro Gun Safety Course

At the very least you will learn the following:

  • Firearms Safety Rules
  • Safe Gun Handling Techniques
  • Firearms Parts and their Function
  • Ammunition and its components
  • Massachusetts Gun Laws surrounding transportation and storage
  • Loading and Unloading of Firearms
  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • And actual shooting*

*Depends on your instructor and the class you are taking. We shoot REAL guns in all of our classes… NOT simulators

The classes that we offer are either LTC-007 or LTC-017 depending on who is teaching the class as we have instructors who are certified by the MA State Police for either.

After your class you will receive a basic firearms safety course certificate that will show that you have met all of the state requirements for your license to carry. It will look something like this:

basic firearms safety course certificate massachusetts


Once your class is complete you can now head down to your local police department and apply for your license to carry! Call your local police department and see what they need you to do to set up an appointment with your licensing officer. Show up, bring a check or money order for $100, apply, and stand by to stand by. In a few weeks to a few months (it depends on how busy the PD is) you will be contacted and you can go pick up your license to carry.


If you want one? sure. Just keep in mind it will certainly restrict you to only non-large capacity rifles and shotguns. Even if you do not intend on carrying a firearm, don’t hold yourself back. Besides… you will need the LTC to purchase any handguns.

Just get the license to carry. It costs the same as the FID card.

OVER 21 YEARS OLD: Apply for the License to Carry, Class A

AGES 15-20: You will be stuck with a FID card, but can upgrade to a License to Carry at age 21.


Things that will prevent you from getting your license to carry in Massachusetts:

  • You’re a convicted felon
  • You have been convicted of any misdemeanor domestic violence charges
  • Being the subject of a restraining order in ANY state
  • Having been deemed to be “mentally defective” (i.e. you spend some involuntary time in a psychiatric ward and have mental health issues)
  • You were discharged from the military under other than honorable conditions (OTH, Bad Conduct Discharge, Dishonorably Discharged, etc)
  • There is an arrest warrant for you in any state (I have actually seen folks with warrants show up for a gun license appointment… don’t be that guy/gal)
  • You are considered to be a “non-suitable person” by your local police department…. in other words you done messed up a few too many times and are on the radar.


I hope that it is pretty clear already as to what you need to do but here’s a quick recap:

  • Take the Class
  • Apply For the License
  • Freedom On.

It really is pretty straightforward but like all of the simple things in life… we humans tend to make things complicated. This is also true with the Massachusetts License to Carry process… but we should be good to go now.

Do you have any questions on getting your Massachusetts License to Carry? Leave us a comment below and we will answer them! To get in touch with us for any outstanding questions, please don’t hesitate to call 855-276-5730 or fill out a contact form on our website!

Robert Curran

Rob is co-owner of Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training and is a USMC veteran and active Law Enforcement Officer. Rob is a Sig Sauer Master Rated Firearms Instructor and holds several other ratings from various institutions.

  • Ro Cataldo
    Posted at 17:37h, 26 January Reply

    Do you have any sample letters for applying to the chief?

    • Rob Curran
      Posted at 12:15h, 27 January Reply

      Ron – I do not but simply explain in reasonable and logical terms why you wish to carry a concealed firearm and you will be good to go. You simply want to make yourself appear to be a reasonable and responsible person.

    • David Harraden
      Posted at 00:07h, 14 September Reply

      I have some minor arrest..but im 53 and this all happened in my 20s nothing to disqualify me but i have no idea what and when all this happens..its been 25 30 years ago what do i do? I want to be completely truthful but it was so long ago i don’t remember can i get this information..i thought the background check would bring everything up?

      • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
        Posted at 08:36h, 14 September Reply

        A background check will show the arrest, but you want to be up-front about it on your application before they run the check. You can either ask them to run a check before you apply, or contact the courthouse that this took place in and request a copy of the paperwork.

  • Ross Gomes
    Posted at 21:28h, 26 January Reply

    Do you have to disclose things on your juvenile record and if so does it disqualify you from Ltc

    • Rob Curran
      Posted at 12:13h, 27 January Reply

      Yes. One of the questions that you will have to answer will be if you have EVER been arrested ANYWHERE. Do not omit anything from you past as it will result in a denial. If you have a question about a particular event in your past, ask the licensing officer if it will need to be put down.

  • Stephen p sweeney
    Posted at 07:39h, 28 January Reply

    I was denied .y LTC with my local PD because I was untruthful question for arrest answered yes but didn’t explain I then was told to have Cori check done on Myself & re submit a new applucation with the Cori got my Cori with no sumary on it because my local court house doesn’t have records & I do have arrests what do I do now

    • Rob Curran
      Posted at 14:38h, 30 January Reply

      Hi Stephen, You do need to be truthful and complete the application in its entirety. You should be good to go for the re-application as long as you’re not a disqualified person based on your background.

  • Kevin
    Posted at 16:44h, 22 February Reply

    Do we have an updated green/red town listing. I heard Foxborough changed from red to green? Is that correct?

  • Todd Renner
    Posted at 19:11h, 18 March Reply

    Does a “wet and wreckless” charge in California disqualify me from receiving my LTC-A license in Boston, Massachusetts?

  • Josh Moya
    Posted at 17:46h, 07 July Reply

    My brother in law is trying to get his LTC-a but for the reason he was told not to put “all lawful purposes”. What would be the best reason to
    put down?

  • Walter J Felegi
    Posted at 21:35h, 23 July Reply

    I bought a vacation home in Hyannis. Would I qualify? I have an FID in New Jersey and would like to go shooting in Ma when I come up.

  • James Spencer
    Posted at 09:38h, 25 July Reply

    I’m currently a FL resident, and have my concealed carry permit for the state. I’m moving back to Mass ASAP. I’m a combat vet, with 18 yrs of sevice, honorably discharged. Am I still required to go through these courses.

  • Tom Shea
    Posted at 06:16h, 09 August Reply

    Hey thanks for being able to ask a question .
    Do you think age ,meaning I’m elderly really don’t like that term,I’m sure it applies to some people but not me..
    Could this be a factor I’m 85 physically and mentally active if they gave me a test physical or mental I’d pass it.
    I guess my question is what do you think of my chances .
    I’m a War veteran have my Firearm certificate made an appointment good to go before my “God” the LTC god that is .

  • steve dasilva
    Posted at 19:57h, 20 September Reply

    Any info or tips on Obtaining a LTC unrestricted in New Bedford MA, I do have a letter from my work stating I frequent high crime areas and carry large sums of money from work deposits. I’ve been their for 11 years The application process is by appointment only and mine is Dec 28th. I heard you do not have to write a letter to the chief anymore if your looking for a unrestricted license. I tried to call and ask but after 10 phone calls still have yet to have someone pick up. Thanks

  • jose torres
    Posted at 18:41h, 09 November Reply

    I was arrest twice for a/b over 20 years ago for try to stop my wife when she turn violent after a patty with friend, I dint hit her or fitting never convicted of any that record put me on the no-no list ?

  • Steve LeVangie
    Posted at 14:18h, 02 February Reply

    Hi Rob,
    My wife and I have taken a few of your classes and really enjoyed them. At the time we were living in Westford, MA and the LTC process was not an easy one. It took 8 months of pestering the Westford PD to get a response and the chef would not return calls. (idk if they normally do) Needless to say, I was denied and deemed unsuitable for items (no felonies) on my record dating back to 2010. Now in my defense, I was an ahole back then and the company I kept was not a good influence on me. I currently live in Worcester and was thinking about applying again because my wife and I really enjoy it and want to join a club/range. If i’m denied again is there some kind of procedure for me to defend my character and speak to my past?

    Thank you,

  • Stanley fior jr
    Posted at 19:00h, 05 June Reply

    Ok I applied for my ltc and I was going to go into the army and I put down that I was going to go but never went well I called my town hall and the place I went when I was going to go and they said there is no history at all on me so I never swore into the army and I made the mistake of telling the local pd and they want a letter from the military saying I never went so when I called the vets office they told me to have them call and verify that I never went so I went back to the pd and told them and they keep telling me I need paperwork that doesn’t exist. So what do I do now I never had any record at all in my life I keep to myself and there’s no reason whatsoever to keep it from me but they are and I don’t know what to do.

  • Stanley fior jr
    Posted at 19:02h, 05 June Reply

    Ok I applied for my ltc in uxbridge ma and I was going to go into the army and I put down that I was going to go but never went well I called my town hall and the place I went when I was going to go and they said there is no history at all on me so I never swore into the army and I made the mistake of telling the local pd and they want a letter from the military saying I never went so when I called the vets office they told me to have them call and verify that I never went so I went back to the pd and told them and they keep telling me I need paperwork that doesn’t exist. So what do I do now I never had any record at all in my life I keep to myself and there’s no reason whatsoever to keep it from me but they are and I don’t know what to do.

    • Rob Curran
      Posted at 14:42h, 06 June Reply

      Hi Stanley,

      I would contact your local veteran’s agent in your town and they should be able to help you out with this. If not, I would try to have the recruiter that you went through for the Army write a letter documenting that you never shipped to boot camp. Honestly this is the first time that I have heard of such an issue.

  • Denise Gagnier
    Posted at 20:23h, 21 July Reply

    Hi I just completed my course and am looking over the application, How does a person answer the question to “indicate the reasons you are requesting the license”? I don’t want to make a mistake in my answer!

  • Mark Hayes
    Posted at 03:00h, 05 August Reply

    In 2009 I came back from Iraq and was a little messed up and started drinking too much. I of course then got an OUI I was offered a CWOF but with no license was unable to attend the classses so I pled guilty.. It was the 1 and only time I was arrested,. Is there any way to somehow get my LTC back. I was a former Police Officer on 2 Departments and always had a Class A Large Capacity LTC. Any suggestions. Please

  • Victoria Rivera
    Posted at 09:55h, 11 September Reply

    Hi i will like to know 1 1/2yrs ago i had a case of domestic violence with my ex step sister but the case was dismissed because she never went to the court days she never show up will that stop me from getting the license? I went and took the classes in 2013 too and pass but never went to the police station to get my license and i know its been 6years of that do i have to go get the classes again?

  • Karlos K.
    Posted at 17:37h, 18 September Reply

    My town requires 2 letters of recommendation. Can you offer any suggestions for things they should or should not say in their recommendation? I am planning to speak with someone at the PD in my town about what they may be looking for, but was wondering if you had any ideas.

  • Paul Caldwell
    Posted at 20:15h, 04 December Reply

    My son attends college in Massachusetts but is a resident of another state. He recently submitted his completed paperwork to the local MA PD for processing. They accepted his paperwork, but told him he needed to get a MA driver license or he would be subject to arrest even with the MA LTC permit. That seems questionable to me. I would appreciate your opinion on that issue.

    • Jeff
      Posted at 10:03h, 13 December Reply

      My opinion on this would be for him to apply for an out-of-state license, rather than try for an actual resident license. I don’t know that he could even obtain a MA driver’s license since he’s not a MA resident. If he applies for out=of=state, then he shouldn’t need to worry about the driver’s license part.

      FWIW, it’s unlikely his college would allow him to store or carry on campus grounds. In fact, if it’s a public university, it is illegal to have a firearm on school grounds.

  • Maurice Champagne
    Posted at 20:22h, 07 January Reply

    I used to have my fid witch i got after having my record sealed , since the laws passed i did not keep up with it and now it has since expired. My question is since i was a convicted felon for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute over 35 years ago and had my record sealed and was approved for an fid afterwards would i stand a chance in getting my ltc now.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:25h, 08 January Reply

      Hello. Since you will basically be applying for a fresh license, the fact that you used to have an FID won’t mean much. In this case, your best bet would be to contact your local police department and speak to either the chief or the officer processing firearms license applications. Depending on the circumstance of the conviction, you may still be able to get a license, but it is up to that department. They will still see the case when they run your background, even with a sealed record. So check first and go from there. Good luck.

  • R Freitas
    Posted at 14:46h, 28 January Reply

    Hi I put In my application for my LTC renewal in August 21 2019 it’s now January 28 2020 and I’m still waiting … what should I do should I be talking to a lawyer at this point .. no return phone call from local police and when I walk in on Tuesday or Thursday when applicants. Should be applying at police station no one there to help lol any help would be great in which direction I should be head

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 12:08h, 30 January Reply

      Hello. Unfortunately the application process takes as long as it takes. The only thing I can recommend is keep attempting to contact the PD. Perhaps see if you can be directed to the Chief. If you want to involve a lawyer, you can, but I cannot tell you if it is necessary at this point.

  • Lynda Fafard
    Posted at 13:15h, 15 February Reply

    After many years of not being able to get my ltc (EX HUSBAND GOT MY CT LICENSE RENEWAL AND THREW IT OUT). I am now in Mass, I filled out the application wrong because i did have something on my record . the lawyer i had then said i didnt need to worry because everything was dismissed with no finding. So after going through the class , we moved to where i am now. When i filled out the app, on the question about arrests i answered no because “to the best of my knowledge” i believed i was able to say no. I was denied and am now well over the 90 days. This is very upsetting to me. Can i reapply?
    Thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 12:48h, 17 February Reply

      Hello Lyn. You could try, but since you have previously been denied they may decide that you are unsuitable for a license. I would have your lawyer go through the paperwork and make sure it is being filled out correctly. You can also contact your local police department and speak to them regarding the issues you’ve been having. As long as you approach them reasonably, they should work with you. If you get denied again, you could go through the appeal process which will involve taking the local PD to court over the licensing. Good luck!

  • Stephen A Munroe
    Posted at 19:05h, 24 February Reply

    On the application it lists reasons for applying as unrestricted, target and hunting, sporting, and employment.
    Do I assume that unrestricted means all of these categories?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:39h, 25 February Reply

      Hello Stephen. Unrestricted includes all those categories, as well as concealed carry. If you are filling out the application, it is always best to go for the unrestricted license.

  • Stephen A Munroe
    Posted at 19:07h, 25 February Reply

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Richard Machado
    Posted at 10:45h, 21 March Reply

    This is a very informative page. I am a Massachusetts resident since 2001. I have two questions: 1 I took and completed a firearms safety course 12/2018. I never proceeded to finish the application process…Is my course completion still valid at this time 3/2020 to apply for my LTC? 2 I have an Drunk Driving charge in 1993 California will that charge prevent me from obtaining a LTC? Thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:35h, 24 March Reply

      Hello Richard. The certificate should still be good even if the class was in 2018. Just contact your local PD and make sure they don’t have an issue with the certificate being a bit old.

      You will likely run into trouble regarding the DUI charge. In MA, a guilty conviction on a DUI is a dis-qualifier when you apply for the license. You could try going through a lawyer, but it is likely you will denied with that charge in your background. If it wasn’t a guilty, you have some chance, but it will be tough. Good luck!

  • Patty DeMarco
    Posted at 11:40h, 18 April Reply

    Hi there! I took LTC course August 2019. Is there a time limit for applying from date of earning course certificate?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:27h, 20 April Reply

      Hello Patty. There shouldn’t be any issue with using a certificate dated in 2019. As long as the instructor credentials are still valid on the actual cert, the PD shouldn’t have any issue with it. If you took the course with us, and need a replacement certificate or class, just reach out to us directly and we’ll get you squared away. Thanks.

  • Richard Machado
    Posted at 09:14h, 19 April Reply

    Does this cite have a green list of towns for Massachusetts? Thank you

  • J S
    Posted at 18:23h, 26 May Reply

    Hello Rob,
    Great article. I am relocating to the area (from a state where I currently have a CCW permit) for a job. The job will be located in Natick, MA. Do you know a recent list of “green” towns or a few towns near Natick that I could live and qualify for an LTC for personal protection? Exercising my second amendment right and carrying for personal protection is very important to me and I want to ensure that the town I live in does not deny that. Thank you for your time.

  • John
    Posted at 23:38h, 03 June Reply

    Hi! I am an active duty service member currently stationed in Chicopee. I will only be here for another year… is it worth attempting to apply for LTC? If so, do I need the Basic Course given I am a SM? Also, will I be considered resident or non-resident?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:49h, 04 June Reply

      Hello. Since you are active you can use your DD-214 to apply in Chicopee. You don’t have to do the basic safety course, but we recommend it so that you can learn and abide by MA gun laws. The license will be considered a resident license while you are on orders. Hope this helps and thank you for your service!

  • james richard
    Posted at 15:24h, 19 June Reply

    Good Afternoon.
    I have a question about a specific felony where I was not incarcerated but got probation and plead guilty. Would an insurance fraud conviction disqualify me for my ltc if it has been long enough to have it sealed? I live in Spencer MA, Thank you
    J R

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:13h, 22 June Reply

      Hello. Unfortunately any felony conviction is an automatic disqualification from licensing. It is actually illegal for you to even touch a firearm with the guilty conviction on your record.

  • James
    Posted at 16:34h, 22 June Reply

    Now another question I served probation and was not incarcerated would that make a difference because it was not a violence, oui, or drug offense

  • James
    Posted at 16:52h, 22 June Reply

    Oh I forgot to mention my probation that I served was over almost 10 years ago and I have had no trouble since

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:30h, 23 June Reply

      Hello. Your initial question indicated that you plead guilty. That is the disqualification criteria, not that you only served probation. If you want to discuss this further, you should contact James Wise at Thanks.

  • Roger Pare
    Posted at 09:13h, 29 June Reply

    Good morning. I was wondering if there is an updated Red Green Town list? I have had a large capacity, LTC for six and a half years now, as a resident of Acushnet. I am looking into buying a home in another town on the south coast but I am concerned about running into a town that is opposed to carrying. I’m good for quite a few more years as I just renewed my LTC this year but eventually it’ll be up for Renewal again and I don’t want to find out that I bought a house in a town that is difficult. I’ve never had an issue whatsoever with the law nor with my LTC and I take pride in being a responsible gun owner. Any information about Which towns are green versus red would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kathy
    Posted at 18:07h, 20 July Reply

    I have taken my firearms safety class and got some shooting in before applying for my LTC. I will be having the interview this week and I have a question regarding “mental illness”. On the application, I didn’t even think about it but it was brought to my attention that I did have a bout of depression once over 25 years ago. It was a situational incident and was resolved rather quickly. 25 years have passed and I have not had any problems. I do not drink, smoke, or use drugs. I am a nurse by trade, who graduated at the top of my class. I was a security officer for 10 years after high school. I have never been arrested, had any run-ins with the law, etc.

    I guess I just want to be sure that I am providing truthful information. If you were to ask me if I have a history of mental illness, I would say NO without even thinking about it because it was so long ago. I am not on any prescription medications and don’t have any medical/health issues, except for hearing loss, which is corrected with hearing aids.

    Any recommendations in case this comes up at the interview? I doubt that there are any medical records in existence today, since the practice has since closed, but I don’t want to be accused of lying or trying to hide anything, either.


    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:17h, 21 July Reply

      Hello. It is unlikely that any question would come up regarding this, provided there were no arrests or anything during the incident. MA doesn’t hold a history of mental illness against you unless treatment was involuntary, i.e. court ordered. If it were to come up for any reason, I would just say that you had an incident 25 years ago, sought treatment of your own accord, and have been well since.

  • Albert Valiquet
    Posted at 17:43h, 24 July Reply

    Hi, I will be completing a Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Coarse August 1st. I am a NH resident and have my NH Concealed Carry Permit. I also Had my Utah Multi-State concealed carry permit but let it lapse so I am taking this class again with the Mass Basic class. What are the steps for a Non-Resident Application? What Police Department would I apply at for the Massachusetts CC permit?


  • James McCloskey
    Posted at 13:28h, 07 August Reply

    If my town (Hudson) won’t let me say For All Lawful Purposes on unrestricted, what do I say – I’m looking for self defense

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:43h, 10 August Reply

      You can use something like: “I am a law abiding citizen and desire to carry a firearm for personal protection.” Pretty reasonable reason, plus it says up front that you are looking for an unrestricted license. Other good reasons might include that you work with large sums of money or expensive equipment, you are in-and-out of high-crime areas frequently, you live in a high-crime area, etc. These reasons will only work if they apply for you, or course. Good luck.

  • Rochelle Chavier
    Posted at 19:33h, 17 August Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if you have your record sealed for a felony do you have a chance at getting your LTC, thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:20h, 18 August Reply

      Depending on the result of the charge, you might be OK. If it was a guilty conviction though, you won’t get able to get a MA LTC. If you want to discuss this in further detail, I recommend contacting our Director of Training, James Wise at Thanks.

  • Kathleen Sheerin
    Posted at 11:18h, 19 August Reply

    How long should you give the state of Massachusetts before you call about the status of your license application?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:04h, 20 August Reply

      It’s dependent upon the town as to how long things will take. If you haven’t had any communication in a month or so, it’s worth a call to the police department you applied with. However, they might not have any answer for you since once it leaves there it does go up to the state and then back.

  • Allyson L
    Posted at 11:48h, 26 August Reply

    Hi there,
    I am currently in the military and in the process of becoming a corrections officer just waiting out the process. To become a CO you need to obtain a LTC. I have heard different things in regards to obtaining and LTC while also being in the military. Will I still have to take the safety course?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 20:40h, 26 August Reply

      Hello. You should be able to present a DD-214 form as “proof of training” to your local police department so that you can obtain the LTC. I would just contact them and confirm this is an option with them. Otherwise, you may be required to take a MA Gun Safety Course like the one offered on our site. Thanks.

  • Adrian
    Posted at 17:49h, 07 September Reply

    Will I need to replace my driver’s license with a new address or simply use my current one with the new address written in the back? Thanks.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 13:00h, 08 September Reply

      Your driver’s license address doesn’t have much to do with the licensing process. You’ll apply in whatever town you currently reside in, regardless of what it says on your license. If it’s different, you may want to ask the Police Department you are applying with if they’ll need proof of your address when you apply.

  • John Petrillo
    Posted at 10:49h, 15 September Reply

    What happens after I submit my application and the city police chief says he sees no issue. regarding my record. He said wait 100 days. Is there another organization that can deny it?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 15:28h, 18 September Reply

      It could be denied on either the local or state level. Did he say why you needed to wait 100 days? That doesn’t make any sense from our perspective. He might mean that it could take 100 days for the license to come back and you can come to get it. You should ask for better clarification on the reasoning behind the 100 days.

  • Justine Haberman
    Posted at 14:29h, 05 October Reply

    Hello Rob! I am at a lost on how to answer on the application for LTC. I was arrested before in 2009 but was able to have my record sealed. I recently did a CORI check on myself and there was no records to be found. I believe legally I can put that there was no previous arrest but I’m unsure how to move forward. I have taken the basic safety class and I am very eager to get my license. Thank you for your time!

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 15:11h, 05 October Reply

      Hello. It doesn’t matter if your record was sealed. It will show up when they run a background check on you through the NICS system. You need to disclose this arrest on the application where it asks if you’ve every appeared as a defendant in a criminal case. Depending on the disposition of the case, it likely won’t impact the application process. But if you aren’t truthful on the application, they can deny you the license because of it.

  • Nate Racicot
    Posted at 17:22h, 03 November Reply

    Good evening!
    I completed a basic firearms safety course, but it was about 4 years ago, and I never applied in the town I formerly resided in. In an effort to obtain my LTC, can I use this cert or am I better off taking another course, to have a newer one? Would that make a difference?

    Thanks in advance

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 22:03h, 03 November Reply

      You’d be best to contact your local PD to see if they’ll accept the certificate. The certificates technically don’t expire, but if the PD wants to they can ask you to retake the course.

  • Gina C.
    Posted at 12:34h, 05 November Reply

    Hi I have my interview for my LTC this Saturday and Tips? Wondering what to expect any guidance is appreciated.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 06:22h, 06 November Reply

      It’ll likely be more of an informal conversation. Don’t stress about it and answer questions honestly. If they ask why you are looking for a license, just say something along the lines of personal protection and other uses. Don’t worry too much about it! Good luck.

  • Thomas Mirisola
    Posted at 17:26h, 09 November Reply

    My female friend is applying for a license to carry against my better judgement. This person #1 smokes Marijuana 24/7 365. She just let her Medical Marijuana Card expire in an effort to beat the system as explained to me to get a gun license. She says she needs one year without her Medical Card and she is clear. But, the smoking doesn’t stop. Illegal drugs are easy to get so letting her Medical Card is not a deterrent. Her friends just buy the Marijuana & Candies for her. Nothing changes. Now, on top of all the Marijuana, she has been taking prescribed pain killers for years. I know one to be Tramadol 4 times a day. I had surgery a few years back and my doctor prescribed Tramadol. I took one and I thought I drank 4 beers. She called me a wimp. If Her ability as a con artist earned her money she’d be rich. Plus, she has a temper like you wouldn’t believe. Road rage is her Forte. If we are in a car together I would never allow her to drive. Her latest kick is to join the Trump supporters and start kicking some ass as she says. She can’t wait for the next rally in Boston to kick some butt. I just shake my head.

    To make this short for you. IMO this person should never carry a gun in public for so called needed protection. Somebody will say the wrong thing to her some day then it’s too late. I have tried to explain the Stand Your Ground laws in MA and there’s no understanding it. She only sees the law as it should be in her mind.

    The simple deterrent is a Drug test. You don’t pass, you don’t get a permit. It’s simple. But, if she is let loose in the streets with a gun, eventually lives will be altered that could have been easily avoided.

    It’s something for those issuing the licenses should think about.

    Thanks for your time

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:34h, 10 November Reply

      Hello Thomas. The medical marijuana card and firearms rules remains a bit of a grey area in MA. State law doesn’t prohibit someone from getting licenses while holding a medical marijuana card. It is unlikely, however, that the local PD will approve a license to someone holding a card without restricting it and barring that person from being able to conceal carry. Now, the marijuana usage is illegal on a federal level, and the firearms purchasing form 4473 does specifically ask about marijuana use. See below:

      e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?
      Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.

      So if she did end up receiving her license, and went to a gun store and filled out this form answering NO to the above question, then she’d be breaking federal law.

      I hope this helps you with your predicament.

  • K. Noel
    Posted at 17:20h, 17 November Reply

    I got my LTC in Springfield, MA which is apparently “RED”. I want to get a concealed carry so called the SPD and asked what I needed to do. They said I needed to take a “Personal Protection Outside the Home” course, then apply. Is this accurate. Is it likely I’ll take the time get the training but still not get it?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:06h, 18 November Reply

      The “Personal Protection Outside the Home” is an NRA course. If that’s what they are telling you that you need for an unrestricted LTC then that’s what you need. They’re the ones who make the decision on the restrictions.

  • Susan GAffney
    Posted at 19:38h, 03 December Reply

    I tried to set up appt with local police to drop off application and get fingerprints. I just took my gun safety course. They said send in application and fee but they are no doing fingerprints at this time. It’s my understanding that I will not get approved with fingerprints. Is this legal to refuse to do the steps needed for me to get a gun.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 21:50h, 03 December Reply

      That’s a big gray area that’s happening with the COVID restrictions these-days. I recommend reaching out to the Gun Owner’s Action League and speaking with them. They’ve been really active going after departments who are refusing to process applications. Good luck!

  • Ronald T. Folger
    Posted at 20:11h, 05 December Reply

    Boston and its’ burbs as well as Brookline require live fire to obtain a LTC.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:29h, 07 December Reply

      As far as we understand it, Boston does require a shooting qualification with Boston PD. Though we have been hearing that they’ve suspended that requirement recently due to COVID. But as far as we know, the surrounding areas do not require live fire. If you have some info on that we’d love to hear it! Thanks.

  • Cheryl Phelan
    Posted at 17:13h, 11 December Reply

    I heard I can’t be a consumer of marijuana and own a gun, but I don’t see the question asked on the application. Where does this come up?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:12h, 15 December Reply

      That question isn’t on the actual firearms licensing question. It is however on the FA-10 form that you’d fill out when you go to buy a gun from a store. This is because marijuana is legal on the state level but not on the federal level. So you’ll likely be able to get a license, but then would only be able to get a firearm through a personal transfer through and the EFA-10 form. If you go to buy a firearm from the store and answer incorrectly to the marijuana question on the transfer form, you’d be breaking federal law.

  • Nevio Castelli
    Posted at 09:15h, 13 December Reply

    I was arrested for a felony but the case was dropped and sealed. Will I be disqualified? When asked about convictions I have none but what do i put down for arrests? Just whats on my core and background check? Thank you.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:13h, 15 December Reply

      It would depend if you went before a judge to determine the case. If you did, then you have to disclose that on the license application. It will come up in your background check because it is a check through the criminal system. It’s much more involved than an employment background check.

  • John F
    Posted at 10:38h, 19 December Reply

    Hi Jeff, my only arrest in my lifetime was in 1994 for misdemeanor domestic assault and battery. The charge was dismissed with a disposition of non conviction after my wife spoke with the DA and explained that it was just an argument. I have a copy of the CORI report showing the dismissal. Do you think I will have problems with my LTC application in Plymouth, and should I attach a copy of the CORI report to my LTC application? Thanks for any info.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:41h, 21 December Reply

      Hello. Since the domestic charge did not end up in a guilty conviction, it is unlikely they would use it to deny you your license. They may, however, decide to restrict it. Attaching a copy of the dismissal would be a good idea, since they’ll likely ask about it when you put in your application.

  • Allen F.
    Posted at 00:44h, 05 January Reply

    Hello, Jeff. I was interested in applying for my LTC. I have a single blemish on my record: a charge of open and gross lewdness that was reduced to Indecent Exposure (public urination at a concert) and dismissed via CWOF. This was back in 2009. I know it’s not an automatic disqualifier but any chance it could be used to deny me?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 23:08h, 05 January Reply

      Hello. I doubt that a charge like that would result in a denial. They can still restrict you if they so desire, but as long as you haven’t had any further interactions with law enforcement I don’t think it would count too much against you. Good luck!

  • Valerie Spencer
    Posted at 23:29h, 11 January Reply

    Myself and my mother woukd like her to get her ltc, however, about 20 years ago my father took out a restraining order on her. I have no idea how he managed that since he was the violent one, not her, but anyhow. I believe that automatically disqualifies her. Could you confirm that as I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. Thank you.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 12:13h, 12 January Reply

      Hello Valerie. An active restraining order does disqualify someone for getting an LTC. However, if the restraining order is no longer active, then she won’t be disqualified.

  • Deborah medici
    Posted at 12:44h, 12 January Reply

    I used to live in NH and had a license to carry there. on the application it asks have you ever had a LTC before and what was the permit number.. I no longer have it. do I need it?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 14:38h, 12 January Reply

      You shouldn’t need it. I would indicate that you did have a NH carry permit but don’t have it any longer and therefore don’t have the number.

  • Cynthia Holden-Amor
    Posted at 16:36h, 26 January Reply

    Once you get OK’d for a LTC by your local police department, how long does it take to get the actual license? Thank ynou

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:21h, 27 January Reply

      It really depends. Once you pass in the application, the town does their background check. Then they send it up to the state for another check, and then it comes back to the town. Right now a lot of departments are getting overwhelmed with applications, so the process is getting longer. I would keep checking in with your local PD maybe every week and seeing if you can get an update. Good luck!

  • John Vincent Geary
    Posted at 18:28h, 17 February Reply

    I took my firearms safety course. I turned in my firearms application and Safety Course Certificate at the Arlington Police Dept. I have an interview at the APD on March 11. I am told to bring my drivers license, my rental lease and a check for $100.00

    Do you think I will receive my LTC permit the very same day after the interview?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 06:08h, 19 February Reply

      You won’t get the license until the PD and state have run background checks. Typical waiting times these days can range from a few weeks to a few months. Ask them if they have an idea about the turn-around time for licensing with their department. Good luck.

  • Richard Mejia
    Posted at 19:14h, 23 February Reply

    I took the LTC Safety class 2 weeks ago how long do I have to file the paperwork for the background check I have to go out of town for a few weeks so it will be about a month before I get to fill out background check paperwork is this ok

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 13:22h, 25 February Reply

      That’s fine. There’s technically no expiration date on the certificates, and generally as long as you apply within 2 years the PD won’t have an issue with it.

  • Joe a
    Posted at 14:08h, 02 March Reply

    I just finished my safety course. I ran a cori check myself and it came back with one domestic assault and battery arrest with no conviction. But I was arrested in 09 in Florida for assault and battery also not convicted and I had a restraining order in 2011 dropped after a week. Do I need to mention all of the above in my application. Also are any of these disqualifications even though I was never convicted? Thanks.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 23:32h, 02 March Reply

      Hello. You will have to mention the A&B charges on your application since they are felony charges. Since you were never convicted, it is unlikely that you would be disqualified from getting the license. However, you may want to check with your local police department and talk to them about this since they’ll be making the determination for your license. They could potentially deem you unsuitable for a license and point to the charges as a reason. That’s why I’d recommend reaching out to them before coming to the class to see how they’ll approach this were you to apply.

  • Steve Bodnar
    Posted at 12:14h, 19 March Reply

    I held a MA LTC for 18 years and then moved to Ohio for 7 years. Now moving back to MA. Do I need to re-do the Safety Course? Or do my past MA LTC and my OH CCW training cover me?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 15:06h, 19 March Reply

      You’ll need to redo the safety course since your MA licenses will have expired and your primary residence changed. The OH CCW course doesn’t mean anything to the licensing authorities in MA.

  • Jason Clancy
    Posted at 22:00h, 31 March Reply

    Hi and thanks for your help. I live in Burlington ma. I was denied for an ltc because it said I lied on question 4. But I have never been arrested or appeared in court other than a divorce. Is it possible they messed up and looked at the wrong person

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:23h, 02 April Reply

      It is possible. At this point you’d need to contact a firearms attorney and get the process going for an appeal. I recommend contacting the Comm2A organization for help finding an attorney. Good luck.

  • Carlos deMedeiros Jr
    Posted at 10:20h, 02 April Reply

    Can you get an LTC with a misdemeanor possession with intent to distribute marijuana charge that you had a CWOF for ?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:20h, 02 April Reply

      Possibly. It depends on how your town will treat the charge. I recommend contacting them first to see if they’d be willing to proceed with the license process provided you take the course. That way you can find out if they’ll move forward.

  • Adrian
    Posted at 12:11h, 08 April Reply

    I recently applied and was denied an ltc in Waltham for being “unsuitable”. I was upfront on my application, no felonies just a couple hiccups from years ago. Is this disqualifier worth arguing against in court?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 19:54h, 09 April Reply

      That’s really up for you to decide. I’d recommend contacting a firearms attorney and seeing what they have to say. You should look into the Comm2A organization. They have a lot of attorneys who specialize in this kind of thing. Good luck!

  • Joseph Preckaylo
    Posted at 14:24h, 09 April Reply

    I’m a NH resident in the process of moving to North Attleboro. I’ve had my NH pistol permit for 28 years, since I was 18. I’m looking to apply for my Ltc. I have a dwi from 1999 on my record in NH. Will that disqualify me from obtaining a license?
    Thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 20:54h, 09 April Reply

      If that DWI was a guilty conviction, then yes. It is was dismissed or continued without a finding, or not guilty then you have some wiggle room.

  • Joseph Preckaylo
    Posted at 18:30h, 10 April Reply

    What if I was applying for an armoured truck guard with Loomis? Would that have any bearing on my application. I was a guard up in Maine a couple of years ago.
    Thank you for replying to my previous question.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:06h, 12 April Reply

      That likely won’t have any influence on the application. Maine and MA have different processes, so it won’t make a difference here.

  • wm ward
    Posted at 07:35h, 16 April Reply

    Good Day,
    i have my license but it is restricted to just target and sportsman. How do i get that to non restricted?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 06:31h, 18 April Reply

      Depending on where you live, you might be able to get an unrestricted license when you renew. Taking additional training courses always makes you look better when you reapply as well.

  • Chace Bowie
    Posted at 19:32h, 20 April Reply

    On the application it asks if you’ve gone by other names. 30 years ago I was very briefly married. I never legally changed my name. May have signed his last name on things here and there.
    Can I just use my maiden name and not mention I was married. People in my town don’t know that little bit about me.
    Thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:16h, 22 April Reply

      If you’ve never legally changed your name you shouldn’t need to put it down. I recommend double checking with your local PD though just to be safe. Thanks.

  • Richard Alessi
    Posted at 07:41h, 04 May Reply

    Hi ,
    I applied for my LTC ( Medford Ma. ) and was restricted to hunting and target only. have a clean record, am 67 yrs. young and took the license to carry course with Boston Firearms w/ live fire. what would be my best recourse to get the LTC ?
    Rich Alessi

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 21:25h, 10 May Reply

      You could look at taking additional training, such as our Use of Force/Home Defense/Concealed Carry course and then when you renew your license with Medford produce proof of further training. PD’s like to see things like that and it might get you the unrestricted license.

  • Michael J Massi
    Posted at 19:02h, 24 May Reply

    I took a Gun Safety Course at Cape Gun Works in late January 2020, along with my sister and brother-in-law. I did not fill out my application for LTC until 02/23/21, and went to local police station to submit the application the same day. The next day I was called in for fingerprinting. My sister and brother-in-law applied about a week or so AFTER I did. My brother-in-law got his LTC in late March. My sister got hers a few weeks later.. I have heard nothing. I contacted the Barnstable Police Department Records division around 04/24/21, and they told me it was “still on the sergeant’s desk for background check.” I was advised I could email the sergeant directly, which I did. I never heard back from him. It has now been over 90 days since I applied and no word. I checked again with Records last week; total silence. I assume that, if I was denied, I would be notified. I heard that an appeal must be made in MA within 90 days of denial, but since I’ve heard nothing, I can’t appeal. What’s my next step?

  • Michael J Massi
    Posted at 19:04h, 24 May Reply

    Sorry, we took the Safety Course in January 2021.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:18h, 25 May Reply

      Unfortunately there isn’t really any next step after the paperwork has been submitted. You are at the mercy of the department processing your paperwork. If you are denied, they do have to inform you via a letter, so don’t lose hope. It might just be taking a while. Sometimes when something like this happens it’s because there is someone with a similar name in the system and they have to verify who is applying. Maybe see if you could get a phone number for the Sgt and try that. Good luck.

  • Jeff Morse
    Posted at 14:05h, 25 May Reply

    I live in Springfield, a red city. If I receive a restricted LTC, does that prevent me from using a firearm for self-defense?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:18h, 25 May Reply

      No. A restricted license prevents you from being able to carry a firearm in public, but you can still have one at home for self defense.

  • Sam powell
    Posted at 03:44h, 29 May Reply

    Hello Jeff

    I am waiting for reply for my ltc I been waiting for three months since fingerprints . The only problem is I misunderstood question 4 about being arrested I thought it was asking if I been arrested for any felonies or mistermeaniors which I wasn’t I was arrested for suspended license but it was. So long ago how can I correct this I have no felonies or mistermeaniors I just misunderstood the question

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:18h, 31 May Reply

      You should get in touch with the department doing the licensing. If they find that error before you correct it, they may deny you the license due to being untruthful on your application. There still might be an issue since it’s likely left their hands at this point and it at the state for the background check. At any rate, contact them quickly and explain the issue.

  • Jack Mills
    Posted at 03:02h, 09 June Reply

    With the way our gun rights are getting stripped away, I’m glad I got my concealed carry permit this year. If anybody’s looking to get their CCW, these instructional videos were really helpful in getting me ready for my permit:

  • Sarah A Hames
    Posted at 06:55h, 09 June Reply

    Quick, probably dumb question… 25 yrs ago when I was a moron and had no idea that decisions I made then would potentially effect me for life.. Long story short, I caught a larceny over 500 charge. I realize that’s a felony however I read on the Everett police’s website that if your crime was not violent and was 5 years from date of application, it shouldn’t disqualify you. Thoughts?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:07h, 09 June Reply

      If that’s what they’re saying then that’s how they’ll treat the license. I would contact them anyways and just get clarification because the background check also goes up to the state level which is where that felony might stop you. Good luck.

  • Sarah A Hames
    Posted at 13:45h, 09 June Reply

    Thanks for the advice. I assume my CORI must not be too too bad because I was cleared by the State to care for adults with differing levels of special needs. I would assume the criteria would be somewhat similar. Here goes nothing! Hopefully I’ll get past the initial hurdle so I can participate your course.

  • Paul Whitaker
    Posted at 01:14h, 13 August Reply

    I applied for LtC 5+ years ago and was denied because of my juvenile record, I got my record sealed and moved to a different town. Will I be able to obtain my LtC?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:15h, 13 August Reply

      Hello. I’d recommend contacting your local department and ask them the question. The record may be sealed but the denial will still be on the record and they’ll need an explanation. Once they give you an idea you can proceed from there. Good luck!

  • Chris Fandacone
    Posted at 15:24h, 10 September Reply

    I handed my pistol permit application and had fingerprints taken exactly 4 months ago and have not heard anything yet. Is there something I should do, or just be patient and wait?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 19:24h, 12 September Reply

      You could try contacting your local department and seeing if they can provide an update. 4 months is in the middle of the current wait times as we are seeing them, so I wouldn’t say it’s a cause for concern yet.

  • Brendan Ciarlone
    Posted at 21:09h, 28 September Reply

    Hello. I am attending a Massachusetts LTC Basic Safety Training course this week. I was planning on immediately filling out my application for my LTC with my local police department but after reading through these comments I have a question. I live in a red city and was wondering if I should wait and attend more safety courses that apply to a LTC to avoid getting a restricted LTC as I would much rather obtain an unrestricted LTC. Is this something you would recommend? Also, I am 22 years old and was wondering if you think they will hold my age against me when applying? Thank you.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:33h, 29 September Reply

      Hello. There aren’t any further safety courses that are necessary for the application, but some PD’s look more favorably on those that have taken additional training. Stuff like legal courses, use of force rules, and the like are typically looked at better than additional range-style courses. So I’d recommend you take additional training if you think it will help your cause. It’s unlikely that they will hold your age against you. Good luck!

  • Derek Sims
    Posted at 04:58h, 02 November Reply


    I am a Boston resident, and possess an FID which I’ve had for over 6 years. I want to upgrade to an LTC but I am afraid due to the strict laws.

    Getting my FID was smooth sailing but I was told the LTC will be tough. Back in 2001 I was subject to a restraining order, which is no longer active and I have no criminal history. My question is, is there any reason I could be denied? I will appreciate any information you have in helping me obtain my LTC.

    Thank you…

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 20:12h, 02 November Reply

      Hello. Depending on the circumstances of the restraining order, they could deem you unsuitable for an LTC. I don’t believe that is very likely though. What is more likely is that they will restrict the license so you won’t be able to carry it on you person daily. That is very common for Boston. Good luck!

  • Robert Gray
    Posted at 20:25h, 09 November Reply

    I have a drug charge 35 years old can I still get an gif card?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:40h, 15 November Reply

      Hello. Depending on the charge the application can still be denied. And if the case ended up with you being a convicted felon, you will not be able to get a license.

  • Robert Gray
    Posted at 20:27h, 09 November Reply

    I have a drug charge 35 years old can I still get an FID card

  • Derek Sims
    Posted at 11:52h, 10 November Reply

    I’m not sure, but go for it any way. That restraining order put against me was an act of malice from an unstable ex girlfriend. The crazy thing is, after her placing that order against me, she started stalking me, which resulted in me changing my phone number and blocking her from sending me emails that I never responded to. I made copies of these messages in case I have to appeal. Why would someone want to contact a person you’re allegedly afraid of? The order was totally bogus, and at that time I was and didn’t bother to fight it. I just wanted to finish school and move with my life. Good luck…..

  • A Murrell
    Posted at 20:08h, 14 December Reply

    Getting unrestricted in Boston is supperrrrrrr hard and time consuming. What would you recommend for best results?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:41h, 16 December Reply

      Only thing you can do to help is get NRA Instructor credentials. That can assist with the process, but other than that you are pretty much guaranteed a restricted license. And the rest of the process will take as long as it takes. There isn’t really anything that can be done to speed up the process itself.

  • Lionel
    Posted at 02:04h, 13 January Reply

    I have a question so it’s going on 3 yes I caught a Misdemeanor charge 13A and I’m trying to get my gun license I didn’t go to jail or anything like that but I had to pay the courts will this prevent me from getting my license ?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 21:05h, 14 January Reply

      So a misdemeanor with no jail time is not an automatic disqualification. However, when your local PD runs your record they may find elect to “deem (you) unsuitable” for the license. You should contact your local PD and ask them if the charge will result in a denial were you to apply. Good luck.

  • Israel Lopez
    Posted at 15:06h, 09 February Reply

    Question I’ll try and make it short ! In 2016 there was a home invasion in my home . 2 of them got in and I had to use my legal firearm to defend our lives . One bullet 2 victims ? Thank god no one died . But I was arrested and jailed for 3 weeks and went through hell for one year . Finally the commonwealth dismissed all charges . But took my LTC , and said I was danger to carry ?? At the time I couldn’t afford to appeal and hire another lawyer, so in 2021 I applied again so then I can get the 90 days to appeal ! I hired a lawyer this time and took the commissioner to court on the appeal . My lawyer was told that they were willing to give me an FID to not continue coming to court ? I said you know what , I’ll take it just because I need protection in my home again , and I never carried when I did have the LTC . Now my question to you is , in the future, can I reapply for the LTC once again ? Being that they wiped my suspended record from the data base in order to give me my FID ? As the police department told my lawyer. They needed to contact Boston in order for them to erase my revoked license in order to issue FID . So can I apply in the future for the LTC . Thank you 🙏

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:47h, 09 February Reply

      Hello. This sounds very involved. I’d recommend contacting your attorney and see what they think about this.

  • David Corriveau
    Posted at 11:56h, 22 February Reply


    If I had a 3rd OUI in 1993 will this disqualify me? I have no arrests since then.


    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:27h, 25 February Reply

      Hello. The hard disqualification for DUI/OUI is 1994, so you have some wiggle room. I’d recommend reaching out to your local PD and seeing what they say since they’ll likely be the ones decide the approval. Good luck!

  • Christine Noble Drosehn
    Posted at 18:31h, 12 March Reply

    If my LTC expired 3 years ago will I need a new safety course? Or does the course I took when I got the original ltc last forever to reapply. I do not own any guns. They are in my husband’s name but took the course for safety and got the LTC incase I wanted to purchase my own.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 12:09h, 16 March Reply

      Hello. You may have to retake the course since your license has been expired for a while. I’d recommend reaching out to your local police department and see what they would need you to do before you submit an application.

  • T B
    Posted at 12:05h, 03 May Reply

    I live in Southeastern MA and am renewing my LTC. I have selected restricted for the reason. The application asks me to to list reasons below. Do I need to complete this since I am renewing my license, and I’m not sure what I should list. Any recommendations? Ty

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 17:06h, 03 May Reply

      You likely can just put “All lawful purposes” as the reason.

  • T B
    Posted at 12:06h, 03 May Reply


  • Robert John McGuire
    Posted at 21:28h, 15 May Reply

    I need to know if there is any. Chance of getting my LTC.. DUI 6 yrs ago Winchendon is where im moving to. From NH

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:06h, 17 May Reply

      Hello. Any DUI/OUI conviction after 1994 is an automatic disqualification from getting a MA LTC. Your best step would be to consult an attorney and see if you can get your record expunged. That might be enough to get you the license. Good luck.

  • Derek Zecco
    Posted at 07:12h, 18 August Reply

    I have a question. I live in a high crime area so I am applying for an LTC in Worcester Ma. In 2019 I was arrested for having a shotgun in my car. The charges were dismissed will I still have a problem getting an LTC? It’s the only charge on my record I am 35yrs old with no other charges.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 11:26h, 20 August Reply

      It will come up during the licensing process and it will be up to the Worcester PD if they elect to deny the license. I recommend contacting them and see if you can speak to someone about this before you start the process. Were it not a charge involving a firearm, you might have been alright. But it’s best to check. Good luck.

  • Derek Zecco
    Posted at 10:35h, 25 August Reply

    Thanks for the input. I talked to a couple lawyers. They all said pretty much same thing that the charges were dismissed so no I’m not a prohibited person but they might deny me on unsuitability. They said if I want one to do the class fill the application out and have my interview just be honest and if they deny me they said to contact them right when I find out for an appeal in the 90days. They said they were pretty sure they could help me get it and they’d help me as much as they could. So fingers crossed.

    Posted at 19:55h, 19 October Reply

    if i obtain my ltc in ma as a resident do i need a seperate license for hunting in ma

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:12h, 20 October Reply

      Yes, a hunting license is separate from a concealed carry license.

  • Robert Peguero
    Posted at 16:05h, 25 October Reply

    In Weymouth MA, who should i request 3 references from?

    Also do i need to have a reason to carry? What if i dont have one

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 17:14h, 25 October Reply

      References should be from friends or other associates. Try to stay away from family. We treat references as if we are providing references for a job interview. You don’t have to have a specific reason for wanting to carry. You can just put down “All lawful purposes” as the reason for getting the license.

  • John Brent
    Posted at 17:40h, 02 December Reply

    I held a targeting and hunting license in Springfield ma for a few years. My home was burglarized in which my pistol safe (with 2 pistols inside) were stolen. I contacted the spd to report the burglary. After 2+ hours the police arrived but at the time I brought my 7 year old to my parents house who witnessed the broken glass around the house and was freaking out with fear. Very long story short my license was suspended for not reporting in a timely manner even though I reported it and waited outside for hours not knowing if someone was in the house or not with a child outside. Against my better judgment I brought my child to my parents and that was frowned upon. I was told I could reapply in 5 years. The 5 years has come will that incident hurt my chances of obtaining a license to carry?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:48h, 06 December Reply

      I couldn’t really say. It would come up in the background check process and the local PD may ask about it. If it ends up in a denial, you could look into getting an attorney to help you with the appeal process. I’d recommend reaching out to the Gun Owner’s Action League here in MA to see if they might have some additional resources for you.

  • Mike walls
    Posted at 05:11h, 06 December Reply

    Hi! I’m about to sign up for the class, but I was wondering how much info they can get, regarding the Dept of Mental Health? I was in a couple of psych hospitals when I was a teenager. (I’m 43 now, & haven’t had any problems since.)
    My other question is in regards to the Marijuana/meds topic. I know you said that a person would probably get a license, but won’t be able to purchase a firearm. I was just curious how they’d know if we were being honest about it, or not? Can they access our medical records?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:51h, 06 December Reply

      The only information they would get would be if you made suicidal-type statements while in custody, should law enforcement been involved at the time. They don’t have access to any medical records. The deal with medical marijuana, or any prescribed substances, is that on the licensing paperwork, it doesn’t ask you. On the federal firearms purchasing paperwork, it does ask if you used marijuana or any other status-altering medication. There’s really no way for them to check at the time of purchase if you are lying. However, should you get in trouble and the paperwork come up, you have lied on a federal form, which is a federal crime. Hope that helps.

  • Derek Z
    Posted at 11:16h, 17 December Reply

    Hi I recently applied for my LTC in Massachusetts and just found out I was denied. I haven’t got the letter yet waiting for it to give to my lawyer, but pretty sure my denial was based on suitability because I was arrested in Jan 2019 for carrying a loaded shotgun and possession of class d with intent to distribute. All charges were dismissed. If I have a good lawyer do I stand a chance at winning an appeal? I have no other arrests and was never in any trouble with the police before this.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:25h, 19 December Reply

      Hello. Your attorney would be better able to answer that question than us. Good luck!

  • James DeLuca
    Posted at 16:13h, 08 April Reply

    I got a oui in March of 2000 then in 2001 was caught driving with a suspended license I was driving my pregnant wife to the hospital so that was the last trouble I’ve been in so that’s like 23 22 years you think I can get my license to carry

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 08:08h, 24 April Reply

      If the incident resulted in a guilty conviction on the OUI, you could be denied the license automatically. If it never went to court or had any other sort of outcome, you might be alright. I would contact your local police department and explain the situation. They should be able to offer some guidance as well. Good luck.

  • Keith Bynum
    Posted at 16:13h, 18 May Reply

    I submitted my LTC application package (Application , copy of DL AND PASSPORT), LTC training course and proof of payment) to Boston December 26 and still no call or email to schedule interview and fingerprints as of May 18th. Is this wait time normal or excessive? And you can’t speak to a live person.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 12:25h, 07 June Reply

      This is definitely on the longer side, but Boston is notorious for its licensing process. You may want to try reaching out to the Gun Owner’s Action League. They are more plugged in to the licensing offices than we are.

  • Jay D
    Posted at 01:22h, 03 August Reply

    Hi , my husband had a criminal record back in 2013 where he was the target of search warrant , case was taken to trial all charges were dropped . Tried applying for ltc in 2021 got denied because “unsuitability” he got a job where he picks up millions of money a day reapplied got denied because the state is no longer putting restrictions !!
    What should he do! Should he re apply & if he gets denied appeal ?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 09:11h, 15 August Reply

      Yes you could try to reapply and if he gets denied again do the appeal process. You may also want to contact an attorney specializing in firearms cases. Good luck!

  • Diego Espinal
    Posted at 12:24h, 30 September Reply

    Hi, i have 2 arrest posted bail on both same day/night one in 2007 and 2009 A&B and witness intimidating i did not do or caused any of these to ex wife it was my 1st time in my life for these things to happen both cases were dismissed but one said admitted to sufficient fact even though i never plead guilty filled for divorced i took custody of my son and i been single since then clean free of trouble i recently got my citizenship and i would like to get LTC will my past arrest be a denial for LTC? thank you

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 17:11h, 01 October Reply

      Hello. I think since it doesn’t sound like there was a guilty conviction, you won’t be automatically disqualified. It might be worth it to contact an attorney who specializes in firearms to confirm. Good luck!

  • Erin W
    Posted at 03:19h, 01 October Reply

    Hi there! Thank you for creating this message/question/advice thread, because it’s the info is invaluable, in my opinion! I hope you don’t mind if my comment has 4 questions. (If you’d like me to write 4 separate questions, so it’s easier for others, with the same question, just let me know. I’ll ask each question in a ‘bulletpoint’ fashion.

    1. Do we have to provide birth certificates AND a driver’s license? If so, would it be an issue if my last name doesn’t match on them? (When I was 5, my mother decided to have me take on my stepfather’s last name, but never legally changed it.) Ive been running into situations where it’s becoming a huge obstacle, like getting the new MA fed ID, getting a passport, unable to marry, etc. (I know I should just bite the ‘bullet’, & get it done, but who WANTS to go sit in a courthouse all day?

    2. The only thing I’ve ever been in trouble for was driving on a suspended license, 25 years ago. (It was suspended for not paying an out of state seatbelt ticket.) Would I have to disclose that?

    3. My biggest reason for wanting my LTC is because I live in constant fear of my extremely abusive ex. No matter how much time has gone by, I’m still always looking over my shoulder, so I feel like this would help to relieve some of my anxiety. Or, should I just stick with the standard ‘For Self Protection’ answer….. or possibly both?

    4. Lastly, can you give me a few ideas of who might make a great character reference? (A family friend is a LEO, so I think that would be a good start, but I’m stuck on the 2nd one.

    Im sorry for my novel length comment, I obviously have a tendency to ramble on. And, thanks in advance, for ANY help you may be able to give.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 17:17h, 01 October Reply

      Hello. I just sent you an email with responses.

  • ST Beverly
    Posted at 19:44h, 03 October Reply

    Hi! I’m a veteran and I live in Virginia. I have my concealed carry permit for Virginia but Massachusetts does not reciprocate for Virginia permits. The problem I’m having is that my wife is from Massachusetts and we go to visit 3-4 times a year. I ride with my firearm in Virginia and NC but when we drive to Massachusetts I have to remember to remove it. I’m 45yo and as I’m getting older I increasingly want to keep my family safe while traveling. And in certain parts of Massachusetts we do feel a bit on edge as there have been shootings. But my question is do veterans still have to take the course as well?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 10:39h, 06 October Reply

      Most of the time you can submit a copy of your DD14 form to avoid having to take the course. I’d recommend contacting the Firearms Records Bureau at (617)-660-4782 to confirm since they handle out of state licensing permits. You still may have to go and submit the paperwork in person in MA anyways, so I’d double check with them on that too. Good luck.

  • Cody Robert
    Posted at 18:31h, 18 October Reply

    Hello, I got my certificate in January of 2022, the certification online says it doesn’t expire but the certificate itself says the LTC expiration date was 5/23. Does this mean I have to retake the course?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 18:41h, 18 October Reply

      Nope. The dates are tied to the instructor’s credentials, so as long as they renew them you should be good.

  • Brandon D
    Posted at 17:43h, 26 November Reply

    Hello, so I’ve lived in MA now for the past 8 years and before that born and raised in CA. I owned a firearm out there legally (background check and all) but did not have a concealed carry permit. While living out there I was popped for possession and after probation it was dismissed but they did not take my firearm. While living out here in MA ended up getting arrested for A&B on family household member which I took a CWOF and upset I did because could’ve fought it. Completed probation without any problems or violations and actually was terminated early. Would that prevent me from obtaining my LTC?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 17:16h, 28 November Reply

      So the CWOF means you may not be automatically disqualified, but they may deny the license due to “violent history.” You’d be best to reach out to an attorney specializing in firearms law for next steps. Good luck.

  • ST Beverly
    Posted at 17:39h, 28 November Reply

    Thanks Jeff! I’ll reach out to them.

  • Drew J P
    Posted at 01:55h, 01 December Reply

    If you pled guilty to a non violent felony over 16 years ago, can you obtain a LTC in MA? What are the differences between a restricted and unrestricted LTC permits?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 11:03h, 01 December Reply

      The difference between the two permits is that the unrestricted allows you to carry in public for personal protection. The restricted is limited typically to range/hunting/employment only. If you pled guilty to a felony, then you are considered a convicted felon and cannot possess a gun license. You should talk to an attorney specializing in firearms law if you still want to try to move forward. Good luck.

  • Scott Zeller
    Posted at 11:59h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Rob, thanks for the great info. I am in NH just down the road from Sig and have had a MA non-resident license for years. I sent in my renewal three months ago and have heard nothing (tracking # verifies the application was received). No one answers the state application status hotline and if you opt to leave a callback number, the system informs you that the mailbox is full. Have you heard anything recently about delays in license renewals (intentional or otherwise)? Thanks.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 11:24h, 22 February Reply

      Hello. Unfortunately the licensing process is still taking a while from what we hear.

  • Ellina Beletsky
    Posted at 22:20h, 27 February Reply

    Boston no longer requires a live-fire test (did away with that during COVID, and didn’t reinstate it), but Brookline definitely does.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Admin
      Posted at 13:04h, 29 February Reply

      That’s good to know. Thank you.

  • Bob spratt
    Posted at 12:58h, 04 May Reply

    I have been arrested a few times back in the 70s . All charges were misdemeanors or dismissed. Except one .it was a misdemeanor assault charge that I plead guilty to in 1979. Do you think it will prohibit me from getting my ltc.?

    • Jeff - TacDyn Admin
      Posted at 11:51h, 07 May Reply

      Hello. If it’s not a felony charge, then you won’t be automatically disqualified. However, they may still deny the license on grounds. You should contact your local police department and speak to the licensing officer to see how they would process this. If they would deny the license, you’ll need to contact an attorney before proceeding. Good luck.

  • Kevin J
    Posted at 16:58h, 14 May Reply

    Hello, I was arrested after a fight in NY and was brought into the precinct about 10 years ago. I was a released a few hours later and was told I had a DAT (desk appearance ticket) to show up in court. A family lawyer handled the proceedings and said that it would not reflect as a criminal offense and my record was sealed. I have passed all my background checks thus far for employment and such, but was wondering if this will affect me when applying for my LTC? Please advise! TIA

    • Jeff - TacDyn Admin
      Posted at 10:50h, 15 May Reply

      If you never went before a judge, then you don’t have to indicate it on the application. But it may still be part of your record. I recommend reaching out to your local police department and speaking to the licensing officer to see what they would do. Good luck.

  • Stephen D
    Posted at 19:33h, 18 May Reply

    Hi I wanted to ask a question about being denied of my MA LTC. I do have 3 CWOF on my record. 2 as a juvenile and 1 as a adult and 2 arrest on my juvenile record that were dismissed. They were all misdemeanors with no convictions. Would this automatically disqualify me or would it just be a suitability issue? I have taken my safety course and have my appointment at Brockton PD in mide June.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Admin
      Posted at 14:29h, 24 May Reply

      Hello. Those aren’t disqualifiers, but they may bring up the question of suitability. Good luck.

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