The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

We all love a good shootout in a movie or TV show but how many times have you ruined it for your spouse when you start telling them what was wrong with the scene and how that would never happen in real life?

I’m just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to that because I can’t help myself.

So let’s look at this clip and point out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the beginning of the scene our good guys are in a room with three other bad guys and what appears to be a Shriners patient sitting in a chair unresponsive.  The fun starts when the burnt guys startles awake and our main character decides to draw and fire.  The first thing I noticed in the scene was as he drew his weapon was the obligatory gun cocking noise even though he is shooting a semi auto pistol (the bad).  Also you can see that the first guy targeted was the one with the sub gun hanging which is a good choice since he is the biggest threat (the good)

The fact that he is able to get the second bad guy makes sense because you can see he is set up with a cross draw situation for no apparent reason other than he probably thinks it is cool or saw it on another movie clip (the good).


Cover can become concealment pretty quickly… Use it and move.

Now we proceed to the parking area pursuing the real bad guy who has run out… this is where things get real weird!

As the hero in the clip and his partner go outside they are greeted by the real bad guy with an over the top British accent shooting at them.  The hero is able to take cover and I use the word cover loosely behind a Chevy ElCamino.  His partner who has been totally useless and several steps behind since the beginning continues to be useless as he is pinned down in the stairwell (the bad).

This is where things completely fall apart for me in this clip with the appearance of four more bad guys with sub and long guns.

As they exit there vehicle it appears that they have been trained to move as a team.  This was quickly proved wrong as they split up, dividing their combat power and continually muzzle each other as they move (the bad).

As they close on our hero and begin to lay hate onto the passenger side of the ElCamino we are thinking, well anyone who has taken our  Defensive Handgun 3 is thinking, our hero is toast.  Those rifle rounds will travel straight through the door panels and destroy our Heros’ perfectly quaffed hair right?

Well apparently the laws of ballistics do not apply in this clip because not one round penetrates the other side of the car (the ugly).  During this exchange our hero goes to slide lock and this was where I got really worried expecting him to continuing shooting even though he was empty. I was pleasantly surprised when our hero makes himself small and executes a very efficient slide lock reload using his work space and sending the slide forward with the slide release (the good).

After the reload our hero gets pressed by a bad guy with a long gun and it appears the jig is up until our hero goes into the rollover prone and is able to get shots on the bad guy from under the car eliminating the threat (the good).

Two bad guys down now three guys left…


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The next two bad guys start to press our hero as a pair with a sub gun and AK47.  As they approach they decide to go single file so the AK guy is firing over or almost into his partner.  The first guy get to the ElCamino and our hero shoots him through the windshield in the chest.  Problem with that is shooting out of auto windshield glass the rounds will not travel straight through, they will actually be deflected up several inches depending on the angle of the glass.  So if this was realistic as our hero points his muzzle at the chest the rounds with strike in the neck or face (the bad).

Finally the last rifle toting bad guy gets caught in the open performing a reload and the hero eliminates him with some well-placed rounds (the good).

Let’s move onto our crazy British guy who now has a hostage and is calling our hero a “tosser”…

Oh wait the partner now appears after the shooting is over and begins to yell useless commands of drop the gun repeatedly… ya guy we have moved beyond that.

Our hero has made a battlefield pick up of a long gun (the good) after eliminating the bad guy who previously owned it.  This is where taking an AK class comes in handy as there are tons of AK’s out there in the wild and knowing how to use one might be a good idea. hostage

Now we have the great movie standoff involving the hero, the bad guy and a hostage.  Our hero moves into a very good firing position and ends the event with a well-paced shot to the head.  Clearly he took into account offset of the red dot optic(the good).

Overall an entertaining clip with several good moments but also filled with lots of bad and some ugly.

Lets hear what you think in the comment box below…..ready go!

Denis Donovan
  • Rick
    Posted at 19:10h, 11 April Reply

    Interesting that the white good guy has to reload but none of the bad guys do (until the guy with the AK). I’ve shot an MP5: they empty pretty fast on FULL. I feel like the black good guy could have crouched down to fire (so he wouldn’t be where he was last), but he stayed in the same position. For me, the worst bad was the white good guy shooting the blond bad guy while his pistol was pointing at the woman. A reflex muscle contraction could have made her toast. I think that he should have waited until the gun was away from her neck.

    I didn’t notice the cocking noise. I had to listen 3 times to hear it. Good ears, Denis.

    Oh, and how did the blond bad guy know whether or not the black good guy masturbates? That’s kind of personal.

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