Fix That Draw Stroke

Fix That Draw Stroke

This week’s post is on using perfect practice to reduce draw times. Watch Travis Haley work from a five second draw stroke down to a sub 1 second draw with an accurate round on target.

Let’s just say we have some work to do.

We have started using this exact method in our Defensive Handgun courses and imagine our surprise when it worked. Really well in fact. We were able to recently take a full class of 17 brand new shooters who had never seriously shot a handgun, let alone put on a holster and drawn from it, from a 5 second draw stroke to a sub 2 second draw stroke.

We were impressed.

The key is take your time and use the entire 5 seconds from the start. This is a lot harder than it seems actually as we are used to burning it down and trying to go as fast as possible. With a bit of work though I managed a personal best of .86 seconds from a Safariland 6378 ALS holster on my training rig. It all comes down to efficiency of movement and knowing where to speed up your mechanics. Using this method will get you there as long as you practice perfect.


Robert Curran

Rob is co-owner of Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training and is a USMC veteran and active Law Enforcement Officer. Rob is a Sig Sauer Master Rated Firearms Instructor and holds several other ratings from various institutions.

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