Are There Different Types of Gun Courses?

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Are There Different Types of Gun Courses?

As a new gun enthusiast, it can be enticing to discover the various types of gun courses. While most gun owners are aware of the concealed carry classes available across the nation, not all are familiar with the other options. Learning about the LTC course and others in existence may encourage you to learn more about your firearm. 

What is LTC?

LTC stands for license to carry. States such as Massachusetts require users to have this license, as well as taking a course, to certify their permission to carry a gun. Throughout the course, participants will learn how to load and unload their guns safely. They will learn about routine maintenance and its importance. Participants may also learn about the Transportation and Storage of Firearms in Massachusetts. Lastly, this course introduces learners to the application process and necessary steps to completing their LTC

Ladies Only Safety Course

Learning self defense may not only save you or a loved one from harm, but it also provides confidence. The Ladies Only safety course teaches women how to properly defend themselves while carrying a gun. Having the proper defensive training with a gun is important, as every woman should know the correct methods to protect themselves with a weapon. To learn more about the course, be sure to visit our Ladies Only Safety Course page.

Other Gun Courses

In addition to the standard LTC class, as well as our Ladies Only course, Tactical Dynamics offers private training as well as a pistol skill builders course for the newer and advanced shooters. You will have the selection of a one-on-one training class, or a private gun safety course. These options are great for those who would like to keep their training to a certain group of people. When it comes to our pistol skill builders course, this is specifically designed for users to hone their skills. Whether you’re interested in getting pointers from our professionals, or you would like to invite a group of people to learn more about the Massachusetts gun safety regulations, be sure to invest in a private training course or pistol skill builders course today. 

Where to Take Gun Courses

An internet search on gun courses may leave you overwhelmed with options. If this is the case for you, start with a call to Tactical Dynamics. The experts will assist you in determining which courses are available and best for you. The overwhelming knowledge and required skill level can be made simple with the help from Tactical Dynamics, so be sure to contact us today by calling 855-276-5730 or by sending us an email at

Evan Bidgood
  • Johnny W. Junior
    Posted at 22:32h, 20 October Reply

    My wife and I would like to learn how to use our weapons. We have had them for few years, but we have no skills.

    • Jeff - TacDyn Instructor
      Posted at 16:00h, 22 October Reply

      Hello. You can view all our training courses from our course calendar at

  • Johnny W. Junior
    Posted at 22:35h, 20 October Reply

    My wife and I need some firearms target training

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