5 Important Concealed Carry Tips for Beginners

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5 Important Concealed Carry Tips for Beginners

The practice of carrying firearms and safety measures has changed during the last few decades in the US. However, many US states are now allowing people to carry a firearm in a concealed manner. Proper handling of a concealed carry is significant for safety. Check out our tips below for beginner firearm holders to ensure safe concealed carry.

5 Important Concealed Carry Tips

1.     Concealed Means ‘Subtle’

Wearing a bulky and expensive holster for your new firearm? As a beginner, avoid displaying that you are carrying a firearm for personal and public safety. In fact, try to act as subtle as possible. Choose a holster that goes according to your needs, style, physical characteristics, and notably, your attire. Of course, you don’t want the gun to get stuck when you need to draw it.

2.     Practice Your Draw!

Do not assume that practicing aim and accurate shooting are the only two vital things regarding concealed carry. Pay attention to the ways, techniques, speed, and energy that you require to draw the firearm out of your holster. Yes, it is important to practice your drawing technique to ensure that you are able to pull out the gun in an emergency.

Unload the firearm at home or load rubber bullets. Moreover, practice dry or rubber shooting when drawing the firearm, again and again. Practice makes perfect!

3.     Stop Raising Suspicions

Keep that fidgeting finger in your pockets and stop feeling the firearm at the back of your pants. Commonly, novice/ beginner concealed carriers feel the “itch” to keep checking if their firearm is there or not. Well, choosing the right holster ensures that it stays.

So, avoid raising suspicions in public, especially in front of law enforcement. You must know that law enforcement will not allow the act of unnecessarily drawing a firearm (even a licensed one) in public.

4.     Laws of Your State

Want to carry a firearm? Do you know the rules, regulations, and firearm laws of your state? They vary from state to state. So, learn the laws to avoid countering some of the worst complications, especially when carrying a firearm in public, drawing when necessary, or even when applying for permits. For example, in the majority of the states, it is illegal to carry a firearm when you intend to get drunk or are consuming alcohol.

5.     Keep Training (and carry the permits!)

Avoid speeding your way through the learning classes to clear the permit requirements with the bare minimum scores. In fact, keep the learning and training processes ongoing. Furthermore, a responsible and dependable concealed carrier ensures mental and physical learning throughout their lifetime.

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