5 Firearm Safety Rules for Beginners

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5 Firearm Safety Rules for Beginners

US Firearm statistics show that nearly 35 percent of the people with a minimum of a single college degree possess a firearm. US states are allowing the possession of firearms for “concealed carrying.” Hence, the number of people carrying firearms is rapidly increasing. However, if people are not properly trained on safe practices for their firearms, it can quickly become a dangerous hazard to themselves and others. It’s crucial to ensure you’re prepared and trained for the responsibility of owning a firearm. Here’s a list of 5 firearm safety rules for beginners that can prevent gun-related incidents.

5 Firearm Safety Rules

1.     Don’t Point Unless You Want to Shoot

If you have no intention of shooting something or someone, then avoid pointing the gun’s muzzle at them. Keeping the muzzle from unnecessary and illegal targets can prevent firearms accidents significantly. Keep in mind, the bullets and the gun’s ability to create high-velocity projectiles implies they can penetrate through several materials (ricochets, etc.) such as ceilings, walls, etc.

2.     Personal Protection

Hearing protectors and eyeglasses (high caliber and resistant) are the optimal personal protection gear for beginners. In order to prevent hearing injuries, go for protectors that are comfortable and a perfect fit for your ears.

Eyeglasses keep any shrapnel or open action shields from flying directly into your eyes because they can lead to serious medical injuries and agonizing pain. Eyeglasses are an aid in the gun cleaning and disassembling process. In other words, they prevent any sudden spring shots, material chipping, or harmful solvents from injuring your eyes.

3.     Stuck Bullet

Imagine you pull the trigger, and the firearm doesn’t shoot. What do you do? The best way to deal with this situation is to keep the muzzle and open action in a safe direction. Also, safely unload the firearm and remove the cartridge.

4.     Your Firearm is Always “Loaded”

Avoid putting your finger onto the firearm unnecessarily; this prevents any accidental shot(s). Moreover, treating your firearm as if it is loaded all the time will help you be more careful and incorporate safety and preventative measures in your gun handling techniques.

Don’t wear a loaded firearm if the trigger is pulled.

5.     Be Certain of the Target before Shooting

Before you pull the trigger, be sure of what lies within the surroundings of your target, as well as beyond it. Bullets can penetrate even some thick materials. Therefore, you have to stay cautious about when you draw (avoiding suspicion in case of an emergency or life-threatening situation) and when you shoot (avoid missing or hitting the wrong targets).

Take a Gun Safety Course

While these tips are a good start for beginners, taking firearm safety courses is the most beneficial. Tactical Dynamics provides gun safety courses in Foxboro MA for beginners to experienced gun owners. We offer extensive lessons and firearm training to deal with varying circumstances and conditions. In order to ensure that the holder and the public are safe from firearm accidents, we adhere to strict laws and regulations. Give us a call at 855-276-5730 today to learn more and register for a course.

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