Author: Rob Curran

Blog / 03.07.2013

Another question that pops up frequently in all levels of our classes is "should I open carry?" Categorically... We say NO. (Go ahead... Flame away.) Here's why:   Reason 1: You become a target. As the adage goes, surprise is an advantage. While many say that you will deter an assault by telling God and everyone else "hey I have a gun, come at me bro" you are also broadcasting "hey I have a gun, come at me bro." Now I tend to not to frequent areas where someone of lesser character than
Blog / 02.07.2013

So I happened to be hanging out on Facebook this morning and saw that Harris Tactical posted a video that showed this one particular Darwin Award runner up providing a review of his new-to-him knockoff Ithica model 37 shotgun. During this video the numbskull with...

Blog / 11.06.2013

Simunitions in Massachusetts! So you carry every day, practice shooting a few times a month at the range, and have a pretty good home defense plan.  Are you really prepared for a lethal use of force encounter though? All too often people think having a license...