What Tactical Dynamics Course Suites you Best for Your Current Skill Set?

What Tactical Dynamics Course Suites you Best for Your Current Skill Set?

Here at Tactical Dynamics, we offer a wide spectrum of courses tailored to a variety of different skill levels. Understanding which class best fits your skill set will ensure getting the most out of the class. Continue reading to learn more about the classes offered at Tactical Dynamics and which one best fits you!

Pistol Skill Builder: 1-4

Our pistol skill builder courses are the most highly rated courses in our curriculum. With varying levels of skill, attendees can select the best course for them. Pistol Skill builder I reviews all the basics that go into shooting and owning a firearm. This includes reviewing the specs of the gun, ammunition, and safety procedures. This class is great for those who have never shot a gun or those who have but have never been technically trained.

Pistol Skill builder courses II, III, and IV are a little more advanced and designed for those already familiar and comfortable with a gun in their hand. These classes are also great for those who have already completed Pistol Skill Builder I and want to continue to hone their skills. Classes II and III include live shooting drills that require the shooter to move between waypoints and eliminate specific targets safely. IV is designed for close encounters and one-handed shooting.

Tactical Home Defense Course

Have you recently bought a gun to increase home defense? If you are not completely comfortable with the weapon, then you may be putting you and your family in danger. Neutralizing a threat under the circumstances of a home invasion is something you cannot practice enough. Due to increased adrenaline levels, decision-making can be impacted. Our Tactical Home Defense Course provides you the resources required to know how and when you can stand your ground. While this is not a live-fire drill course, the knowledge learned can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Law Enforcement & Police Training

Due to the high level of familiarity and skill level that law enforcement is required to have, our training is designed for those in this profession to take tactical skill-building to a new level. Our classes will reinforce your department’s or teams’ existing knowledge and put their skills to the test. Our instructors are experts at creating situations that will put any trained marksmen to the test. In addition to increasing accuracy, we are on the cutting edge of teaching emergency first response designed to neutralize threats and keep everyone safe.

Tactical Dynamics: The East Coasts Premiere Firearms Instructor for Civilians and Law Enforcement

Regardless if you are a civilian or a member of law enforcement, our team of firearms experts can assess your skill level and provide you the resources to grow as a marksman. With an unmatched emphasis on safety, you can assure whether it is your first time picking up a gun or your want to improve precision, Tactical Dynamics is who you want to rely on for training. Contact us today to learn more and see our available classes here!

We look forward to seeing you at the shooting range.

Evan Bidgood
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