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* This is a classroom only course. NO Shooting Involved *

Also has been shown to get License to Carry Restrictions Removed!

Our Use of Force / Home Defense / Concealed Carry course is packed full with critical information for anyone owns a firearm for personal or home defense purposes. We cover the topics that many chiefs of police are looking for in law abiding gun owners here in Massachusetts: Use of Force, Concealed Carry, and Home Defense. This class has also been proven to help get those annoying restrictions removed from Restricted Licenses in many towns and cities.


We often get asked the following question: When am I authorized to protect myself with deadly force? This Use of Force portion of the course covers exactly that topic, delving in to the details that are often overlooked or assumed by many gun owners. Remember: ignorance to the law is not a defense! This class is taught by our instructors who are all experienced law enforcement officers with decades of experience so you can rest easy that you are getting the right information direct from the first responders who handle these types of situations on a daily basis.

We will cover:

  • Pre-attack indicators
  • De-escalation of Critical Incidents
  • Post shoot best practices
  • Verbal Control Techniques
  • Your rights in a personal defense situation
  • And Much More!


Our homes are the most sacred places we have, and it is your responsibility to protect your home. When a home invasion occurs you have minutes to act, and the police will be too far away to help. The home defense portion of this course brings you our unique insight in to how to develop a home defense plan to protect your castle. We will cover:

  • Setting up a home defense plan
  • Understanding Angles and Funnels
  • How to Harden Your Home
  • Choosing a Home Defense Firearm
  • What to Do During a Home Invasion


Most gun owners in Massachusetts and beyond only take the minimum required training and do not go any further in to the techniques and tactics for concealed carry. Often times information is taken from online sources which may or may not be the best choice. We carry concealed firearms on a daily basis and have done so for years. This portion of the course provides you with the tips, tricks, tactics, and best practices. We will show you what holsters work best for us as well as provide you with options that may work better for you.

LOCATION INFORMATION: Class is held at the Elks Lodge at 52 S. Bulfinch St, North Attleboro MA.

CRITICAL information for any gun owner to know. Learn what you can and cannot do during a lethal encounter, how to avoid a lethal encounter, what to say to the police, and MUCH more.

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